Our People

Innovation. Business vision. Human Talent.

Talent is
our competitive

We acknowledge that our achievements are
made possible by the talent and dedication
of our team members. In our organization,
the individual is at the forefront. Guided by our
values and cultural foundation, we are inspired
to continue building a remarkable
workplace together.


GEMSO Philosophy

Integrity guides us to be consistent in our thoughts, words, and actions. This alignment fosters innovation, propelling us to create novel solutions and drive transformation. Recognizing that we cannot succeed in isolation, teamwork enables us to accomplish more collectively. Discretion is upheld through confidentiality, speaking only in ways that contribute positively. With these principles, we create magic and achieve excellence, delivering extraordinary results.


To be a leading business group, growing sustainably, generating value for the community, improving the environment, and being the best at what we do.


To become the best place to work through innovation and the constant pursuit of excellence.








on results

Act like


Do the
right thing

We are

We take pride in being a group that puts the individual at the center, aiming for their well-being and development. We offer a safe and inclusive environment, providing equal opportunities for people of all ages and sexual and gender identities.

In our pursuit of talent, a key aspect of our organization is maintaining standards of equity and equal opportunities. This is why we raise awareness within our recruitment team on these issues.


1 in every 3
leadership positions are held by women

of vacancies
are filled through internal promotions
of our

are hired as part of our team

Performance Cycle


We do not seek to "align" our collaborators; we take them to a deeper and more human experience: we take them to CONNECT. In this journey, we not only offer guidance but also create an immersive learning space. Through interactive workshops, we equip our collaborators with effective skills to excel in their roles. At GEMSO, we not only recognize the valuable contribution of our collaborators but also invest with passion in their personal and professional development. We are dedicated to achieving exceptional results, bringing together efforts, talents, and passions. We work tirelessly to achieve excellence, celebrating every achievement in this joint journey towards success.


GEMSO offers opportunities for skill development and the enhancement of personal traits within an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth.

We provide competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and a positive work environment that fosters respect and commitment to our organization's success.

We seek to be the best at what we do, building together a great place to work.

Code of
Ethics and Conduct

At GEMSO, we uphold the value of integrity, and this commitment drives us to adhere to our Code of Ethics and Conduct. Our code serves as a compass, guiding our actions and decision-making, while considering the interests of all our stakeholders.

If you observe or become aware of any behavior that violates our Code of Ethics and Conduct, it is imperative to report it through our designated reporting line.